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Handling Frequently Encountered Eye Injuries

Eye injuries come in many shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of severity. Some may necessitate emergency treatment and immediate care by an optometrist, while others can be taken care of at home. Follow these guidelines for routine eye injuries, to determine the next move following an eye emergency. Don't forget that general safety precautions including using protective goggles or glasses may be the best way to keep your eyes healthy.

A corneal abrasion (scratched eye) is on the more serious side. It can lead to serious harm very quickly and possibly result in blindness. Scratches are generally caused by a poke in the eye, or scratching the eye when there is sand in it. Since a scratch can make your eye susceptible to bacterial infection it's crucial to visit your eye care practitioner or an urgent care clinic. The best care for a corneal abrasion is to keep it loosely covered and to visit your eye care practitioner right away to make sure it is isn't infected. Rubbing the eye will only make it worse and patching the eye can give bacteria a place to grow.

Being aware of how to proceed if you have been sprayed in the eye by a chemical is very important. First, you should flush out your eye by putting your face under a strong stream of lukewarm water for approximately a quarter of an hour. Then contact your eye doctor or an emergency room to see what they suggest for such injuries. Make sure to tell the medical professional precisely which chemical entered your eye and what you're doing. If you're experiencing extreme blurriness, go straight to your eye care practitioner or an urgent care clinic after rinsing it with water. Exposure to chemicals in the eye can cause a variety of degrees of damage, from minimal irritation to severe damage and even blindness.

Though it is sometimes unpleasant to think about a serious eye injury, it's recommended to be prepared with how to respond in potentially hazardous emergencies. By following these guidelines you can feel confident that you'll be ready to deal with most typical eye issues. Of course, extra safety protections can help you avoid this type of injuries altogether so consult with your eye care practitioner about preventative eye care!


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