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Individuals who have unfortunately gotten sunblock in their eyes are aware how much it can sting. A real good spray in the eye can often cause burning that lasts for hours. It can take a long time until the victim can comfortably open his eyes, especially outside in the bright sun.

Needless to say rubbing sunblock in your eyes is likely to cause a quick stop to a day at the beach very quickly. Though the discomfort will probably remain for some time, relief will come sooner with immediate care.

The most effective treatment is to flush out the eye beneath a stream of water for some time. This should rinse the sunscreen out of the eye yet it may not relieve the irritation for a while. For discomfort, cool, wet cloths to the eyes may have a soothing effect. Eye drops such as ClearEyes may help in rinsing out the eye, but it is likely they will burn.

Don't forget, although the summer is coming to an end, it is advised to apply sunscreen throughout the year to defend your skin from the dangers of UV rays.

Tips for Applying Sunblock Safely

  1. Do not spray sunblock straight on the face. Always apply first to the hands and rub into the face.

  2. Never permit small children to put on sunscreen alone.

  3. Never leave sunblock in reach of small children.

  4. Rub sunscreen in completely.

  5. Be very careful not to apply sunblock too close to the eyes.

  6. Wear large sunglasses to guard the eyes and the surrounding areas from ultraviolet rays.



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