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All About Presbyopia

Visit your Canton, OH Optometrist to Learn More About Treatment Options

Many adults experience presbyopia or an impaired ability to see things that are close, as they get older. As people worldwide are reaching older ages, a larger number of people develop presbyopia, which currently cannot be escaped.

Theories about the cause of presbyopia are that the eye will often toughen around age 40, making it more difficult for eyes to focus in on an object, particularly something nearby. Sufferers usually deal with the reduced vision by holding the paper far away or standing back from the object they want to focus on. Shifting from looking at distant objects to nearer ones can often be strenuous for people with presbyopia. This tension might add further discomfort resulting in headaches, eye strain or fatigue.

The most popular solutions for dealing with presbyopia are bifocals or progressives (PALs). Bifocal lenses are divided into two points of focus, the upper portion is for distance vision and the other part of the lens is for seeing things that are close by. Progressive addition lenses are similar to bifocals, however they have a more gradual transition between the separate prescriptions and have no visible distinction between them. Wearers will more easily adjust their focus, as they could if they had normal vision. Another option is reading glasses which, unlike bifocals or PALs which are worn all day, are used only when needed.

Presbyopes can also use multifocal contact lenses or monovision lens correction (when one eye is prescribed a correction for distance vision and the other near vision) to deal with their condition. Individuals respond differently to multifocal lenses, so it may take a few tries to figure out if and in what combination they work for you.

There are also surgical options available that should be talked over with your optometrist. Many people find the most success by combining treatments for presbyopia. Additionally, because your vision will continue to get worse with age, you will probably be required to keep adjusting your prescription. The positive news is, there is quite a bit of experimental treatment on the market currently to discover more and perhaps more permanent solutions for patients with presbyopia.

Noticing signs of presbyopia? Schedule a visit with your Canton, OH eye doctor. Improved eyesight is worth it!


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