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Your Vision in the Workplace

March is Workplace Vision Wellness Month, an initiative by Prevent Blindness American (PBA). The goal of this initiative is to teach businesses and their employees about the relevance of eye health, with advice on how to avoid vision-endangering eye accidents.

Every day, people sustain workplace related eye injuries that need medical attention. Workplace safety experts and healthcare professionals believe the two main reasons that workers experience eye injuries is because they don't use anything to shield their eyes or they are using the incorrect kind of eye protection.

Common Types of Eye Injuries

Most often, eye injuries that occur in the workplace are a result of airborne particles or falling objects such as building or craft materials that can enter or scratch the eye. Chemical sprays, gases and radiation can also scorch and damage the delicate eye tissues.

Keeping your Eyes Protected

An eye doctor can assist you to determine potential eye dangers at work and decide on the best type of eye protection for you.

Often, workplaces have multiple risks for eyes and using the right eye protection needs to take all potential dangers into account.
People working with chemicals should wear goggles, and if you work in a place where you encounter airborne objects or dust, choose safety glasses that have side shields.
Working close to hazardous radiation when welding, using lasers, or fiber optics requires the use of special-purpose safety glasses, protective goggles with a face shield, or helmets made especially for what you will be doing.

Computer Monitors and Healthy Vision

Those who spend a lot of time working on computers or using hand held devices are also at risk of vision problems. Due to the prevailing use of computers in our lives, these dangers are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Here are a few helpful suggestions to prevent putting your eyes under unnecessary pressure when working on a computer or using a hand held device:

Try to maintain the 20-20-20 rule which will help your eyes rest. At every 20 minute interval look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If using a mobile device, make the font bigger so you'll be able to use it at a distance more comfortable for your eyes.

Additionally maintain the brightness of your monitor to a comfortable resolution and position your monitor just below eye level to reduce any pressure on your eyes. You should also speak to your eye doctor about computer glasses.

If you have further queries relating to vision care in the workplace, please give us a call today!


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