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A Lens a Day Keeps the Redness Away

Do you ever end up leaving your soft contact lenses in for just a bit too long? It's a basic fact that a lot of things are in their best condition when they haven't been used too much. The same rule can be used to understand the importance of changing your contact lenses. There are so many reasons why you shouldn't leave them in your eyes for longer than you're supposed to. Of course, you might be tempted, if you want your eyes to see their very best, follow the lens regime your optician determines. In other words, if your optometrist tells you to change them every two weeks, then change them every two weeks, because they're not made to withstand reuse.

So many people think, can't I just squeeze a few more wears out of them? To better comprehend this, let's take a look at protein - although not the edible sort, but the natural protein found in your tears that builds up gradually on the surface of your lenses, forming a thin haze. Blurry vision is just the start.

If this continues, these proteins evolve and make your immune system think the buildup is a foreign particle, and the body's reaction can result in itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. Which means your vision won't be working at its best. External particles like pollen or dust can also build up on the lens, which also makes eyesight less clear. Even when you do all you can to take good care of your contact lenses, sooner or later they become less smooth and clear, which is the result of normal deterioration.

The best thing to do is stick to the schedule your optometrist decides on for you. Everyone's eyes are unique, so only your optometrist should decide on the appropriate contact lens replacement schedule for you. If you dispose of and replace your lenses on time, you will never even see the difference that becomes so apparent when you wear them for longer than you're supposed to.


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