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Sports Injury Prevention and Awareness

Summer is drawing to a close, but sports season is not over. If you play sports, you need the right gear. And that includes protective eyewear. & Assoc, Inc the Ohio sports eyewear experts offer some pointers about eyewear from the Canton, Akron and Cleveland eye doctors:

  1. Impact Protection

durable specialty eyewear for sports in Cleveland OHContact is inevitable in some sports. Your eyewear should be shock absorbent and you want to choose frames and lenses that are resistant to smashing.

We recommend: Rec Specs. Their wide variety of styles for men, women, and youth, paired with incredible durability, makes Rec Specs sports eyewear a great option, and they are compatible with any prescription.

  1. Glare

Don’t let the glorious sun ruin your performance. Glare from asphalt, water, and other mirror-like surfaces can flash into your eyes and interfere with your vision.

Ask your optometrist in Richmond Heights, OH about polarized lenses for optimal outdoor vision.

  1. UV

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are absorbed by the sensitive tissue inside your eyes. Exposure to this cell-changing invisible radiation can cause damage to your eyes and vision over time, sometimes leading to vision loss many years later. Youth sports eyewear and sunglasses for kids in Akron OH

We recommend: Sun Performance. These sunglasses are designed to enhance your vision and protect your eyes. 100% UVA and UVB protection sunglasses that are engineered for athletes, these are innovative: durable, lightweight, comfortable and customizable for your prescription…. without compromising on style.

  1. Motorcycle Lenses

For ultimate performance and safety, you need optimal vision and premium eye protection.

We recommend: Free Spirit. With 8-base decentered lens curvature and wrap around contours, you get excellent peripheral vision and central eyesight correction, plus the protection you need. Developed with the motorist in mind, these eyeglasses have removable MagTraxion magnetic eyecups to protect your eyes from wind, dust, and flying particles, yet they have superior air flow to reduce fogging. Liberty Sports Ultimate Driver polycarbonate premium performance lenses pass all Global Driving Standards and come with premium scratch-resistant coating. Head-hugging temple design fits under most helmets. We advise you to bring yours in for your eyewear fitting to make sure.

Specialty eyewear is available in Canton, Akron, Richmond Heights and Cleveland. You can get the latest advice about sports eyewear by Liberty Sports and other top quality brands at your local Ohio optometrist.


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