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Ortho-K Success Story: #3

   Meshelle Lynch

photo 20 orthok success 2 600 x 450 m lynch My son and I arrived for an eye glass and eye contact appointment with Dr. Gellis. While my son was being seen, Dr. Gellis asked me to read over information pamphlet for Ortho-K. Let me say I was impressed by the information. When Dr. Gellis came to get me for my appointment I immediately told him I wanted to try it.
I have been wearing glasses since the age 6. As the years have gone by, my vision continued to get worse. I was wearing glasses mainly and contacts sometimes. I hated waking up and not being able to see. It drove me nuts. I have inquired about Lasik surgery in the past but there was no guarantee it would work for me and I was told I would have to still wear reading glasses later in life. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on glasses, contacts, and exams for both over the years. So when Dr. Gellis advised me to read the information, I must say I was moved by it. And this is why I decided to try it.
In trying Ortho-K, I prayed I would be able to see without having to wear any type of corrective lenses. When I first started wearing the lenses, I had some ups and downs but was determined to continue to try it and hope my sight would be 20/20. And I can admit on my last eye exam I was 20/15 without any corrective lenses. My goals have been fully met.
I am an active individual who runs and workouts extensively throughout the week. With that comes a lot of sweat going into my eyes if I don’t catch it. I also have allergies year round and the last two summers were the worst for my eyes. I also am a Nurse Anesthetist and work in the operating room. So I am exposed to all bodily fluids at any given time. Protective eye shields were uncomfortable over my glasses which I wore majority of the time. With Ortho-K, my vision is perfect, no corrective lenses needed.  So when I’m working out, I don’t have to hurry to get around my glasses to catch the sweat. Since the pollen is down, hopefully I will get to experience if there is a change with eye allergies next year. And the eye shields at work are much more comfortable against my face than against my glasses.
I would highly recommend Ortho-K to everyone. It is amazing and I am just in awe about my vision. So glad Dr. Gellis is doing it and suggested it to me because I had never heard of it before. There needs to be infomercials about it and more publications about it. Even optometrists who don’t do it can recommend it to their patients and I think are doing a disservice if they don’t. Patients should at least be afforded the opportunity to explore this option with an optometrist that does it.  I talk to people I work with and they have never heard of it either. It’s like it’s a hidden secret. So I am asking for more marketing of Ortho-k to educate the public about this service for people that don't want Lasik. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Gellis!
Meshelle A. Lynch, MSN, CRNA, CCRN, EMT-P


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