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Where to Buy Annual Supply of Contacts Lenses in Canton Ohio

lenscrafters contact 1 day | Canton, OHUnlike monthly payments for your car or cable bill, many people try to find the best location for an annual supply of contact lenses.  Smart buyers try to purchase contact lenses for the year will save to receive a lower price or a big rebate. Contact lens wearers across Canton, OH invest in annual supplies of contact lenses everyday, yet where they buy their contact lenses from varies on a couple factors.

Pricing | All of our offices provide competitive prices on contact lenses as well as special deals

How many people shop online thinking that the convenience factor and online pricing will make a difference? Plenty. Yet, many private optometry practices compete with online pricing and their right next door. At Dr. Hults and Associates, as part of the LensCrafters family were able to not only compete but even outperform online pricing. With premium lenses that vary from daily lenses to multifocal lenses, you'll be surprised by how much you’ll save after visiting one of our locations.

Convenience | Our Eye Care Center in Canton, OH is at the Belden Village Mall. That’s Convenient!

Although shopping online doesn't require traveling, contact lens wearers know they need an eye exam for an updated prescription.  When scheduling an eye exam with one of our eye doctors at our Canton Ohio practice, our team will ensure you receive a thorough exam, the most precise prescription, and utmost convenience and efficiency expected from your optometrist's office. You'll save time and money when visiting our office and ordering your next supply of contact lenses. Filling out online forms can be inconvenient and time-consuming, plus prescriptions must be confirmed by an optometrist. Lastly, and most importantly, your eyes won't be examined for their health by an eye doctor.

Eye Health | Visit an eye doctor in Canton, OH for a comprehensive eye exam

Unlike other purchases that you made, contact lenses are medical devices.  they are easy to place on your eye and wear throughout the day, yet the most common risks involved in contact lenses is misuse. A standard of eye care provided at our Canton Ohio office is to educate contact lens patients about what they wear every day.  Infection, conjunctivitis, and corneal scarring can occur simply by not following your contact lens schedule. Improper cleaning of lenses or failure to understand how to answer that properly is often the cause of eye conditions later. while ordering online may be convenient or cheaper in some instances, there is zero eye health care.

If you're wondering where to buy your next annual supply of contact lenses,  visit our Canton, OH location for a contact lens exam or one of our locations in Fairview Park, Akron, or Richmond Heights, Ohio.


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Please know that it is still safe to wear contact lenses.

Please just exercise all safe and healthy practices as always. Be sure to call us if you have any question on safe and healthy practices.

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