Making the Switch From Glasses to Contacts

Making the Switch From Glasses to Contacts

Making the Switch From Glasses to Contacts

Making the Switch From Glasses to Contacts

After wearing eyeglasses for a long time you may consider looking for an alternative such as contact lenses. However, the transition is not as straightforward as you may think. Making the decision can impact your daily routine. Read on to learn a few things about switching from glasses to contact lenses.


Reasons to Make the Switch From Eyeglasses to Contact Lenses

Most people who wear contacts prefer them to eyeglasses due to the focused vision field they get from the lenses. You can track any action with peripheral, sharp, and direct vision. Contact lenses make this possible because they can move with your eyes. Wearers enjoy a wider field of vision.

Wearing contact lenses eliminates the distortions and reflections one gets from glasses. They cannot get water stains or fog up like glasses. You can freely live an active lifestyle and be flexible as you go about the activities you love. Glasses are heavier and obtrusive. With contacts, you can move and run with so much ease.

Some people feel better about themselves and their appearance when they wear contact lenses rather than eyeglasses. The Child Development Services notes that some teenagers and children report feeling significantly better about how they look when they wear contacts. You can also wear them with trendy nonprescription sunglasses.


Consult Experts

When you are switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses, it is vital to seek expert opinion. Avoid purchasing contacts online as a convenient way to help with vision correction. The best way to go about it is by consulting your eye doctor to ensure the transition goes well. 

Your eye care professional will conduct a contact lens fitting to ensure you get the ideal fit. They will also walk you through how to insert and remove the lenses and take proper care of them. Doing so will help you get acclimated to the change in lifestyle.


Wash Your Hands Regularly

Contact lens wearers should make it a habit to wash their hands, especially when handling the lenses. Inserting the contacts entails touching the eye membrane and the lens. As a result, it can pick up bacteria and dirt from your hands or fingers, which can get into the eyes and increase the risk of infection.


Do Not Overwear Contacts

While there are various cost-effective contact lenses, the prices can add up eventually. Consequently, some people will wear their daily or weekly contacts longer than they should.

As a result, the lenses meant for short wear begins to get damaged or degrade, and you can develop an eye infection. Dispose of your contact lenses at the appointed time and start wearing a new pair.


Avoid Switching Eyes

Each eye has a contact lens specifically meant for it. Switching the lenses and putting each on the opposite eye can be harmful. Your right eye has bacteria slightly different from those in the left one. Hence, mixing up the lenses can disturb this ecosystem.


Begin Slowly

Most people who switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses wear the contacts for most of their lives. However, you will need to be patient as you begin. It has a learning curve, and the first time you put them on may not feel comfortable. Be patient with yourself, as it may require a few tries to get it right.


For more about switching from glasses to contacts, contact Dr. Richard E. Hults & Associates at our offices in Canton, Akron, Fairview Park, or Elyria, Ohio. Call (330) 252-7616, (330) 252-7457, (440) 755-2857, or (440) 687-6055 to book an appointment today.

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