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Dr. Richard Hults and his associates passionately support OneSight, a charity that is dedicated to improving vision for those in need worldwide through outreach, research and education. Since 1988, OneSight has provided free vision care and eyewear to more than seven million people in need around the world. Dr. Hults has been a leader on 16 Global OneSight Clinics, including clinics in Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia, Boliva, Peru (2), El Salavdor Guatamula, Honduras (2), Dominican Republic, South Africa, China, Belize and Thailand (3).



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Locally, Dr. Hults and his associates have volunteered their time by providing vision care to students in twinvansneed at OneSight's Regional Children's Clinic and Vision Van outreach efforts in Northeast Ohio. Also, one day per year is set aside for Hometown Day when people in need can come to our optometrist store for free exams and glasses. If you would like to support OneSight, please visit our fundraising page. For more information, please visit OneSight.






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